How to Clean Your IQOS?

Even though HEETS tobacco sticks won’t burn, some tobacco residue might build up in the holder from IQOS USA.

Keep your IQOS clean, so you can get the best-tasting experience possible. It is important to give your device regular attention and take care of it.

Steps To Clean the IQOS

1. Cool it

After using the IQOS holder, allow it to cool.

2. Tap it

To get rid of all tobacco, remove the cap from your Intelligence IQOS. Sometimes bits of tobacco can get stuck to the cap. These can be removed using IQOS cleaner sticks.

3. Make Sure To Brush It

Open the IQOS cleansing tool.

The cleaning tool can be placed in your IQOS holder. Once you have done that, rotate the holder clockwise a few times. It is not recommended to use a toothpick/cotton bud to clean your IQOS. The heating blade is delicate and could easily become damaged. It’s crucial to follow the cleaning directions.

4. Wipe it

Do you still see residue? Use an IQOS brush to clean the blade.

5. Enjoy it

Done! Now enjoy your IQOS.

The Search Is On For a Healthier Cigarette

Tobacco companies claimed that they have been searching for a safer version of cigarettes for decades. Some attempts, such as adding ventilation hole to cigarette filters, has caused more harm.

The e-cigarette was the first alternative to smoking that wasn’t medically prescribed. However, e-cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco. Many manufacturers are also not affiliated with cigarette firms. Instead, many tobacco companies focused their efforts on developing heated tobacco devices. This market would be easier for them to control with patents.

Heatsticks function just like regular cigarettes without the use of smoke and ashes. They heat tobacco by heating it without burning it. The tobacco is placed in an enclosed chamber with a heating element at its one end. The heat from the heating element heats tobacco, creating the smoke that you inhale. Some Heatsticks feature a mouthpiece with a filter similar to a regular cigar, but most do NOT.

A Heatstick cigarette does not allow for second-hand smoking and doesn’t pollute more than normal air. In recent years, heated pro heatsticks have gained popularity. These herbal heatsticks contain no tobacco and no tar. These herbal heating sticks contain nicotine that is made from organic plants.

How do Heatsticks work?

Heatsticks use heated tobacco to replace the smoke from burning tobacco. They are made of metal and plastic and roughly the same shape as regular cigarettes. They are sealed at one end with the heating elements and tobacco inside. They open on the other side with a mouthpiece. Heatsticks should be filled with tobacco first before you can start using them.

Heatsticks: What are they?

Heatsticks can be heated rather than ignited. This protects against dangerous combustion products. Similar in taste and functionality to tobacco but far less dangerous. Heatsticks don’t have any odour, ash or tobacco residue on their teeth. There is also no lingering tobacco scent on your fingers and hair.

Heatsticks are an excellent alternative to tobacco smoking. The heat sticks are worth a look for those who have tried vaping before but feel they lack something.