What is THC and How Does It Work?

THC syrup contains sweetener, cannabis concentrate, and vegetable glycerine. It has the texture of thick cough syrup and many of these effects are like traditional cannabis edibles.

THC syrup can be used in many ways. It is both discreet and potent, making it a versatile product. This article explores THC syrup, its uses, and how it was made.

What Is THC Syrup?

THC syrup is a liquid form of cannabis. It's made from the combination of hemp extract or concentrates with vegetable oil, coconut oil, or sugar. THC syrup is an increasingly popular cannabis product because it transforms the psychoactive THC into liquid form. It produces faster and more lasting highs than a traditional edible.

THC syrups with traditional THC are slightly sweeter and mimic the sweetness, viscosity, and medicinal effects of cough syrups. These syrups have high levels of sugar and should not be consumed without being careful. Patients with conditions such as diabetes must be cautious of sugar-laden products.

How It's Made?

There are many methods to customize homemade THC syrups to patients' preferences. However, the key steps are required in any.

1. You must decarboxylate the cannabis flower before you can extract it. This will convert the bud’s Thca to THC and make it ready to be processed. You don't need to do this step if your cannabis concentrate is already in wax or hash oil.

2. In a saucepan, combine equal amounts of water and sugar. Reduce heat to medium-low when sugar is dissolved.

3. Heat the decarbed or extracted cannabis for 30 seconds on medium-low.

4. Reduce the heat to low and add two tablespoons of vegetable oil for every three cups.

5. Cook on low for five minutes longer, then take off the heat. If you use cannabis syrup, strain the liquid first to extract any plant matter.


Hemp syrup gives you the same benefits as other cannabis edibles. THC syrup allows for the use of cannabis without smoking. THC syrup also has faster effects than gummies or other infused foods. It can be used within 30 minutes. Always wait a minimum of 30 minutes before taking any additional THC syrup. This will allow the effects of the product to kick in. You can take more than you need, but not less.

Pain Relief

Most patients seek relief from acute pain as well as inflammation. This is the number one reason they turn to cannabis. Hemp syrup has the same effects as high-dose cannabis smoking and is easier to access than concentrates.


A lot of research also suggests that THC (and consequently THC syrup), is helpful in managing nausea and vomiting symptoms. THC syrup has been shown to be an effective tool in the treatment of IBS, IBS as well as other digestive diseases such as IBS or chemotherapy.

THC Syrup

THC Syrup, which is popular for its flexibility, can be used in a variety of ways by experienced and new users. For beginners, it is best to start with a smaller dosage and increase as they get more experience.

THC syrup, like cannabis tinctures, can be dropped and absorbed underneath the tongue. The ideal amount can be placed under the tongue using a dropper. Once it is in place, let it sit in the mouth for a while before swallowing.

Mixed drinks

THC syrup is easy and simple to consume, whether you want it alone or added to your favorite beverage. Add the desired amount to your preferred beverage, like teas, juices, and seltzers.