How Logo therapy Can Improve Our Happiness

How Logo therapy Can Improve Our Happiness?

Viktor Frankl (1946), a Holocaust survivor, was an author who popularized logo therapy. His 1946 book "Man’s Search for Meaning" featured his views on logo therapy. Viktor Frankl's book "Man's Search for Meaning" describes how logo therapy helped him, and many Holocaust survivors, to live their lives without fear or feeling more spiritual. Frankl was one among those who survived the Holocaust. Frankl stated that the main focus of logo therapy is "the search for the meaning and purpose of human life." How can we integrate logo therapy into our daily lives, and what can the practice of logo therapy do for us? Continue reading to learn the answer.

Find out what your purpose in life is.

Viktor Frankl writes in "Man's Search for Meaning" that one of the major causes of stress for many people is their inability to find their purpose in life. When you take part in logo therapy, you will learn how to decode and understand the ways that you can attain and maintain a sense of contentment in life. How is this possible? You can do this by participating in logo therapy sessions. These sessions are similar to talking to a counselor or psychotherapist but place more emphasis on your existential needs. Logo therapists are often referred for help by patients struggling with feelings like emptiness or hopelessness. Logo therapists support patients in finding meaning by helping them to explore their creativity, experiences, and attitudes. The following list contains some of the tools that logo therapists use for the facilitation of meaning development.

Paradoxical Intentions

Logo therapy often uses paradoxical intent. This strategy is similar in concept to exposure therapy. This practice is about consciously increasing your emotional state to be more aware of how your emotional reactions may be to given situations. This practice is meant to increase your awareness of your emotional reactions. Someone suffering from agoraphobia for example may have trouble leaving their home. To change their perception that they are at risk, they may take a stroll through the city. Do you ever fear the worst? The next time you are faced with anxious thoughts, take advantage of this opportunity. The more power you give to your fears, the more they will control your life.


Logo therapists might also consider the use of deflection. Deflection can be described as the shifting of your attention away from problematic ideas, events, or negative energy, to things that are more important and worth your time. The act of deflection happens when someone becomes so obsessed with their own goals that they feel they will never reach them. If this happens, the person is encouraged to shift their attention and recognize how far they've come in pursuit of their dreams. This is to help them recognize how far their journey has taken. Take a step back, take stock of your thoughts, and then refocus them on the here and now. You will feel at peace with who you are. When you feel helpless, hopeless, or doubtful about your ability to become the person that you envision yourself becoming, do this. This self-reflection exercise can be a great help in identifying the responsibilities and activities needed to grow into the person you dream of being.

Socratic Method: Conversation and Questioning

Logo therapy is when a logo therapist listens carefully to what a patient thinks and then repeats them back to him or her in such a way as to encourage the patient to consider alternative views. Socratic discussions allow people to critically examine their thoughts and help them on their path toward self-discovery. Logo therapists will emphasize certain concepts to help the patient understand the meaning and to make them more self-aware. This exercise can be compared to having thoughtful and stimulating discussions with a small circle of friends.

While logo therapy might seem severe to some, many people find it very useful and can be used in everyday life. Logo therapy is a great option for anyone who feels like they are about to experience an emotional breakdown or an existential crisis. Find out if you can redirect your fearful energy to something beautiful, and grounding, and if that helps you feel better. Pacific Beach Health provides best logo therapy services for more information check out our site