6 Reasons You Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

A common question that you might be asked when leaving the grocery store is “Paper? or plastic?”

Whatever way you choose to respond, you most likely have your reasons. You may be planning to recycle or reuse the bag. Perhaps you will use plastic shopping bags to clean your home. You may think your choice is more environmentally-friendly, no matter if it’s plastic or paper. In reality, whatever your choice between paper and plastic is, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are. There’s an easier option: a reusable grocery bag.

The trend is to have consumers bring their own reusable bags with them to the grocery store so they can carry their goods home. They are more expensive than regular bags but have many benefits.

How can plastic bags be harmful to the environment and why? There are many reasons. They pose many problems to the well-being of the world, starting from their production, their inability to recycle, and their potential to end up as landfill bags or worse.

There are many reasons to choose reusable bags over plastic or paper bags. Let’s now look at some of its more specific benefits. We’ll also discuss the negative impacts of plastic bag litter and some other reasons you should bring your own bag.

Why You Should Use Reusable Bags

  1. Conserve Resources

Even though they may appear small and light, plastic bags leave a bigger environmental footprint than you might imagine.

  1. Reduce Pollution

Plastics can have a devastating impact on the environment. Plastic products, like plastic bags, can take between 15-1000 years to break down. This assumes that they actually make it to a landfill, rather than ending up in rivers, streams, or the ocean.

  1. Avoid Recycling Problems

Business Insider article found that recycling plastic bags can be difficult even when people have the best intentions. Bags are caught on conveyor belts and wheels. This can cause problems with the machine. To recycle these bags, the best solution is to bring them to a designated drop-off center for plastic bags. They can often be found at your local grocery.

  1. Protect Wildlife

Plastic bags can also become entangled in trees, and small animals may be trapped within them. This causes more wildlife deaths.

  1. Take Pride In Your Strength And Endurance

Reusable bags can be used to carry groceries, but they are less likely to tear or develop holes if a sharp object or corner presses into them. Reusable bags are simpler to use to load and unload groceries. Also, your purchase is more likely to survive the journey to the store. Reusable bags are less prone to leakage, and it’s easier for you to monitor where your bags have been and identify any germs.

  1. Repurpose The Material For Another Purpose

Reusable grocery shopping bags can be used to do much more than simply carry groceries. A nice reusable bag is basically a well-designed tote bag and can be used for most of the same purposes as a bag. These bags can be used to carry your lunch, snacks, books, and other items on a trip.

The Bottom Line

Reusable grocery bags are extremely useful, environmentally friendly, and, above all, help you carry more things than any other regular plastic grocery bag could ever allow you to. Request a free quote to get more information about custom bags.