4 Easy Ways To Increase Security For Your Nightclub Company

Chicago nightclub back alley attacked a woman. Her story set off a movement. Tons of women were inspired to speak out about similar incidents in nightclubs, including sexual harassment and assault.

Recent events indicate that nightlife venues have become overpopulated in the last few years with predatory men. After these stories, nightclubs were scrutinized for lacking security and safety precautions. Public opinion was heavily affected about nightclubs.

A nightclub could be a good business idea. If the club’s location is popular, it can be very lucrative. Because alcohol is sold at a premium, the club requires very few employees. Security guards are not necessary. However, it is a place where people can come together to enjoy music, dancing and fun. But, being a nightclub proprietor has been more difficult.

Nightclubs are closing each day because this type of business has fallen out of favor . Instead of being a safe place for great music and great people, most people view it as an environment where predatory sexual attackers can flourish. There are some things that both new and old owners can do to increase their club’s popularity and safety. All these measures focus on guest safety.


A lot of clubs have a safety plan, but these policies are rarely well-publicized. Safety policies are a great way increase guest safety.

A short “Guest Code to Conduct” should be created and posted in bold, large print at the club’s front. This is the first step towards securing the business. It shouldn’t be subjective. The policy should emphasize how important it is for guests to adhere to it.

Proper behavior should be clearly demonstrated to all guests. Many crimes are crimes based on opportunity. A sign like this may alert potential predators to the fact that they might be caught violating the code of conduct.


Many businesses have non-functional safety cameras simply because they think it is enough that the camera may be seen. The sign will often state that the business is being monitored. However, nightclubs need additional precautions. While signs can be useful in deterring criminals, some people might not realize they are false.

It is possible for many crimes to occur in nightclubs, so real footage can help minimize any criminal charges. You should ensure that the nightclub is sufficiently lit for the cameras’ ability to pick up bodies and faces.

If the club’s cameras are not working when someone is attacked, they can face serious consequences. The victim may hire a negligent safety attorney to investigate the club’s failure to provide security for their guests.

Hire a staff member to oversee the surveillance camera to ensure security is not compromised. If footage is recorded, it should be kept safe for 30 days. The club must be free from any hidden or dimly lit spots. You can also hire bathroom attendants for security purposes to cover any areas where security cameras cannot be installed.

If there has been a rise in violence and weapons at local clubs, you may want to consider installing a metal detector.


However, a safety strategy and physical security device will help to stop or ward off most criminal acts. Nightclubs often become a hotbed for rapes or fights. This is why it is so important to enforce your security policy. Because there is no screening for incoming guests, there should be sufficient security to address the problem.

The best way of enforcing security policy is to hire trained and licensed security officers. Security guards must be uniformed in a way that is easy to identify. They should be located throughout the club in easy-to-reach places so guests can help them.

Most clubs have at most one guard for every 75 people who visit. But this is up to individual discretion by club owners. Security guards must be able to quickly address any issues without being too intrusive. Security guards should not be paying additional attention to an issue.


Nightclub employees are made up of bouncers (security guards), bartenders, as well other staff members. Remind staff members that guest safety is a top priority by holding regular team meetings.

Sometimes staff members have to step up in emergency situations. It is important to have a plan in place for each staff member. This will help minimize the number and severity of incidents, beginning with your nightclub. People will return when they feel your club is safer and more welcoming than those at nearby clubs.